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Peace Out to Another School Year

It's so true what they say, time flies, so be carful not to blink too hard. I love seeing these first and last day pics side by side.  The growth always stuns me bit and sends me into meltdown mode. I see them everyday, why do I feel like I am missing them physically grow?! My only indicators are the thinning of dimples in their cheeks and on their little hands.

We say peace out to 1st and 3rd grade today, and Maddux says peace out to life in general. I am always excited for the next step, but I trend lightly as it just means another dimple is fading.

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My MVP's

Last week I briefly stated that the high school team I coach won the State Championship... let me elaborate.

It's been fours years since I signed up for this coaching job, previous to that I had been doing private hitting lessons for 10 years and I am still coaching a club Firecracker team. I know it's a bit much, but when you love coaching, it's worth it.

This Championship was our 2nd in 3 years and our "little" Empire team pulled through a pretty tough season to take the ship. However, I think for me the biggest MVP's in all of my seasons of coaching is this group right here.  They, we, sacrifice so much to let me do this and without their support... none of it is possible. So a big shout out to the MVP's of MY game.

Maddux: Mom! Look there's you, Daddy, Pri Pri, Micah and the Piston Cup!


How cute is this shirt?! Maddux is the only one in this household that I still have a say in what he wears, so for now, I will take full advantage!

Shirt: Saturday Morning Pancakes 

Thanks for Stumbling Across Us

Whoa. It's been a minute. A LONG one. One of our newest friends whom we met through Maddux's daycare said she stumbled across our blog, so I decided to stumble across it too, and it had me in full memory effect. The blog has become more about the kids, and when they are older I want them to see what life is like when they were young.  I let it go for a while because well, 3 kids will do it to ya. So, after reading through a few of the posts, I was more than grateful that I wrote in the first place. SOOOOO many memories! So, here we go on the longest update ever...
Last time we met, Micah was 8, Kapri was 5 and you were just getting to know Maddux.  For times sake (remember 3 kids, no time) I'll bullet for ya. Micah (9)
·       Ending 3rd grade and excelling in school, STILL a bit too talkative in class ·       Working towards his 2nd degree black belt ·       Has a new love of soccer and is pretty darn good! (Shhhhh we try and minimalize the whole soccer thing, as you know we a…

When I turned around... Micah turned 8.

For just a split second if I close my eyes real tight, I still picture the tired me holding the only months old crying you in the middle of the night and can remember the "I know this isn't forever, but please make it stop" feeling. I truly did want you to stop crying BUT I also knew that me nurturing for you like that, wasn't going to last long.... so I swayed a little more and embraced your little body with all of me.

Then I turned around and you were 8. In 8 years we have discovered more and more about the person you will be, and I am so very proud of what we are about to see. So once again I share with you what your 8 looks like!

1. You are madly in love with your little brother and he knows it!
2. Baseball and ATA (Blue/Brown Belt) are your activities, and you are doing great at both... we might need to work a little harder at the whole catching thing.
3. We all LOVE the way you laugh out loud at ANYTHING remotely funny in a quiet movie theater, it's extreme…

Happy 5th Birthday Kapri!

Kapri Kathleen...

FIVE. (Deep breath... I mean fill your belly full because the lungs are already at their capacity, deeeeeep breath). I am overjoyed, overwhelmed, excited, proud, encouraged and nervous at the thought of you getting older.  I feel like 5 is the stage where you aren't considered a toddler anymore, you are stuck in the middle of "oh she's so cute and little" and "why can't she sit still through an entire meal, she should be past that" stage. I have to stop sometimes when I look at you and remind myself that you are ONLY five. Whichever state you might be in (cuddly, angry, light spirited, clumsy and ALWAYS funny), I find myself grateful at the thought that you are a PERFECT five... And I am so happy about it.

Some things about you right now include:
1. You repeat every word, action and attitude that Micah does and has... Read earlier posts on your birthdays, and you will see that this comes as no surprise!
2. You are now fully engaged in …

Merry Everything... but mostly CHRISTmas.

A big warm hug and very Merry Christmas to you and yours!