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Peace Out to Another School Year

It's so true what they say, time flies, so be carful not to blink too hard. I love seeing these first and last day pics side by side.  The growth always stuns me bit and sends me into meltdown mode. I see them everyday, why do I feel like I am missing them physically grow?! My only indicators are the thinning of dimples in their cheeks and on their little hands.

We say peace out to 1st and 3rd grade today, and Maddux says peace out to life in general. I am always excited for the next step, but I trend lightly as it just means another dimple is fading.

1st and Last day of the 2016-2017 School Year


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Micah! Happy 7th Birthday little man. With each passing year I think I am getting more anxious and excited to see what's in store for you! You have such a vibrant personality and you have still managed to keep your compassion towards others.

Seven things that you are into right now include (no particular order):
1. Maddux - You are obsessed with him! You love to kiss him, play with him, kiss him, hold him...kiss him. Whenever Daddy or I need an extra hand with him, you are ALWAYS there...and happy to do it! I love watching you love all over him, I am excited to see what your relationship with him will grow to be!
2.  Pokemon - Your birthday theme this year is in fact Pokemon and Nani isn't cutting any corners with creating you the perfect Pokemon cake (Charizard will be the topper).
3. Talking - Really, you love to talk... it even gets you in trouble at school sometimes.
4. Taekwondo - This January you will have been at it for a year and you are currently a Camo belt with an e…

Kapri, you are FOUR!

Kapri, you turn 4 today...FOUR! It WAS just yesterday that I got to kiss you for the first time and I swear this morning I was pinching myself that I brought such a perfect baby girl home. But no, it was 4 years ago. You are my true princess and your sense of humor is what gets me through some long days.  If I could write down all the funny things you say I could have made a few novels already. Let me tell you some of the things that make you, YOU!

* Micah is still your best friend, but you have managed to let Maggie (your school friend) take that title every so often.
* You LOVE to give kisses at very random times (I'm not complaining)
* You have adjusted to being a big sister to Maddux just fine, as you were a little apprehensive about him when you learned that he was going to be a boy!... I mean really you threw a fit and I have video to prove it.
* You have discovered Ranch dressing this year and you are now empowered to try any food, so long as it's dipped, smothered and …

Happy 5th Birthday Kapri!

Kapri Kathleen...

FIVE. (Deep breath... I mean fill your belly full because the lungs are already at their capacity, deeeeeep breath). I am overjoyed, overwhelmed, excited, proud, encouraged and nervous at the thought of you getting older.  I feel like 5 is the stage where you aren't considered a toddler anymore, you are stuck in the middle of "oh she's so cute and little" and "why can't she sit still through an entire meal, she should be past that" stage. I have to stop sometimes when I look at you and remind myself that you are ONLY five. Whichever state you might be in (cuddly, angry, light spirited, clumsy and ALWAYS funny), I find myself grateful at the thought that you are a PERFECT five... And I am so happy about it.

Some things about you right now include:
1. You repeat every word, action and attitude that Micah does and has... Read earlier posts on your birthdays, and you will see that this comes as no surprise!
2. You are now fully engaged in …